About the photographer

Capturing the moment in a single motionless frame - therein lies for me the fascination of photography.

Looking at my photos, you see what I've seen as the initial viewer who will always be an integral part of the visual message without himself being visible. Even if it's not (yet) possible to transport what I felt, I wish to trigger emotions in the viewer. That's the motivation behind each of my photos.

To create a photograph the image captured by the camera is only a starting point. An important part of my creative work lies in post-production. There, the visual message is selectively formed and completed.


Dominik Moser is a Swiss-based photographer whose domain lies on Cityscape and Landscape photography. Even if photography is not his profession, it is his passion. Inspired by the huge online photo community he has taught himself the basics of photography. Since then he refines and continuously improves his skills.